Merchant Console – Support for the Retail Chain Management

PC-Market 7 combined with Merchant Console software offers full support for retail chains.

The combined system supports the following functions:
  • Electronic information flow, e.g. sending of goods’ price lists and documents
  • Summary reports generation from all stores in the chain, export to financial accounting system
  • Central goods management for all stores, e.g. setting of prices, purchases from preferred suppliers, instructions to buy at a negotiated price, etc.
  • Order optimization - choosing suppliers, payment terms and manner of delivery

The system functionalities for the head office management of the retail chain include:

1. Centrally managed list of goods
All or selected goods can be centrally controlled. The head office can:
  • block deliveries to stores at prices other than that negotiated with the supplier
  • block deliveries to stores from suppliers other than those contracted
  • set retail prices
  • block the possibility of receiving certain goods from any supplier (withdrawal of goods from sale)
Central lists can be used to quickly compare the current prices, quantities and flags of goods at individual stores.

2. Centrally managed list of suppliers
Suppliers are aligned across the whole chain. A supplier entered at head office is automatically distributed to the databases of all stores. All stores are informed about the agreed date and method of payment. A supplier entered at any store will soon appear at all stores in the chain.

3. Centrally managed regular customer cards and loyalty system
The head office can review all visits made by a customer to any store in the chain. A customer can be awarded points, which can be exchanged for prizes, vouchers, etc. at any store.

4. Analyses of turnover with suppliers and manufacturers
Stores may purchase the same goods from different suppliers. At head office level you can view turnover with particular suppliers or manufacturers of goods.

5. Central orders and supplies

If head office is responsible for delivering goods to stores, it can receive orders from them electronically, and on that basis generate overall orders to suppliers.

6. Stores accounts can be settled at head office level
A supplier issues a single invoice for deliveries to all stores. Head office checks that the invoice sum agrees with the deliveries made. Head office can also pay invoices for a specific store; the store will receive information about this.

7. And many other possibilities...

The retail chain system consists of the following components:
- Merchant Console - for head office management
- PC-Market 7 - for store support
- PCMRepl - for communication within the chain.

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