PC-POS - payment card service

As part of the development of PC-Market software on the British market, integration with the payment card service was performed. The Paymentsense service, which is now serviced at the PC-POS, enables payment cards to be processed using an external terminal, and the transaction is carried out entirely at the Ingenico payment terminal

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Insoft at the RBTE in London

RBTE 2016 - Retail Business Technology Expo - is the largest event for European retailers. Insoft participated in the 20th RBTE event in London. On 9th-10th of March, Insoft presented the latest version of PC-Market software for retail.

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Insoft at the RBTE 2015 in London

RBTE 2015 - Retail Business Technology Expo - is the largest event for European retailers. Insoft participated in the 19th RBTE event in London. On 10th-11th of March Insoft presented the latest version of PC-Market software for retail.

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PC-Market - software for retail - short presentation

PC-Market - sales support software for stores, supermarkets and retail chains. Explore the advantages and possibilities of PC-Market.

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Software for the Retail Chain Management

Retail chains use different organizational ideas to optimize their performance. Therefore Insoft offers different solutions for alternative organizational designs of retail chains. Multilingual versions allow the introduction of a uniform system for the entire chain of stores regardless of location. ERP system interfaces offer seamless integration between retail chain and Head Office

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PC-Market 7 - Complete Software Solution for Retail

Insoft offers full range of applications for the retail industry. PC-Market software has a intuitive and easy-to-use user interface with multilingual support. PC-Market can manage a standalone store or can be combined with Merchant Console to create an integrated system for the retail chain management.

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PC-Market 7 - Software for Stores, Supermarkets and Retail Chains

PC-Market 7 is an application designed for stores and supermarkets. PC-Market 7 is compatible with equipment used in stores: Fiscal cash registers, Fiscal printers, Portable stocktake scanners, Barcode printers, Barcode scanners, Electronic weighing scales, Price checkers. PC-Market 7 provides dozens of different types of reports, including: Financial, Quantity and value, Advanced analyses.

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PC-POS 7 - Point of Sale Software

PC-POS 7 is a cash register program for POS computer terminals (Point Of Sale). PC-POS 7 combined with PC-Market 7 makes an integrated system for retail business management. PC-POS 7 provides an intuitive and easy-to-use user interface compatible with touch screens and specialized keyboards.

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Merchant Console Support for the Retail Chain Management

PC-Market 7 combined with Merchant Console software offers full support for retail chain management

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PC-Gastronom - Software for Restaurants

PC-Gastronom is a program for the foodservice industry. It features an intuitive and easy to use interface for a cashier and a waiter, well adapted to the needs of the catering facility. PC-Gastronom, in collaboration with PC-Market 7 and Merchant Console is a complete system to manage the restaurants and bars

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PC-Petrol - Software for Petrol Stations

PC-Petrol - software providing comprehensive support for petrol stations - both standalone and working in a chain.

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Mini-Market - a simple and intuitive program for chain stores

Mini-Market is a software to keep stores managed from the Head Office. All operations are focused on sales and customer service, while other activities are minimized and automated. In such a solution Mini-Market works on its local database and exchanges data on-line with a central database

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