Mini-Market - a simple and intuitive program to conduct the sale in chain stores

Mini-Market will focus the attention of the staff on conducting sales and customer service. All other procedures - such as ordering and receiving goods to the store - are simplified and automated.

  • Mini-Market is a software to keep stores managed from the Head Office. In such a solution Mini-Market is the terminus of the central system. It works on its local database and exchanges data on-line with a central database. All operations of the are focused on sales and customer service, while other activities are minimized and automated.
  • Mini-Market can be customized for any type of retail industry thanks to its expanded configuration capabilities. The panel can be configured for both touch screens and ordinary keyboards. Products can be freely defined and parameterized, for example by assignment to a tree of assortments, sizes, colors, etc. The products can be associated with photos.
  • Mini-Market saves time on entering supply documents.
  • Mini-Market displays the quantity of a specified product both at the current store and at other stores in the chain.
  • Mini-Market supports the sale of sets - during the sale of a specified commodity the program will prompt the cashier about the other items belonging to the set.
  • Mini-Market supports loyalty systems - both those based on points and discounts. The discount rules are set centrally and distributed to the stores.
  • Mini-Market supports equipment typical to the store: fiscal printers, electronic weighting scales, label printers, bar code scanners, price checkers, data collectors etc.
  • Mini-Market reports its activity on-line to the Head Office. The data from stores include the turnover, margins, quantities of goods sold and the cash level.
  • Mini-Market allows you to view status of goods on the fly - both in the store and in the Head Office - so you can quickly decide on additional supply or transfer of a commodity between shops.
  • Mini-Market supports multi-language versions.
  • Managing a chain of stores: uou can use PC-Market 7 software in the Head Office to manage a chain of stores equipped with Mini-Market.

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